mSanskriti or mLearning (Mobile learning) is a ‘First-of-its-kind’ revolutionary initiative from Sanskrit Global Pre-School. It is a highly effective, evidence-based, early childhood education mobile application modelled on educational values and appropriateness of mobile content.

Fun, age appropriate and enriching learning experience

Comprehensive feedback for continuous improvement

Highest parent engagement to influence child’s progress


Evidence based early childhood education mobile applications

  • Research indicate that mobile device usage by children is growing at an unprecedented speed.
  • The ubiquity, intuitiveness and ease of use of mobile devices and applications potentially present new and exciting opportunities for childhood learning
  • SANSKRITI brings an evidence based approach, modelled on educational value and appropriateness of mobile content to provide:
    • Children with a fun, engaging and age appropriate learning and user experience, and
    • Parents and educators with the assurance that the child is gaining learning and educational benefits from regular interaction with evaluated mobile media content and applications
  • It provides a fabulous opportunity for parents to work with their children at home using mLearning devices to enhance their children’s literacy and numeracy skills creatively.

HIGHEST percentage of acceptance for use of mobile devices as part of academic excellence were from parents of children in the age group of 3 to 5 yrs


  • Highly engaging and personalized learning.
  • Connecting and engaging all stake holders in real time and meaningful manner
  • Age appropriate & relevant applications integrated with curriculum
  • Deep understanding and shared responsibility among staff, parent and HO about the development of child
  • Extension of ECE from school to Home in much informed manner
  • 360 degree feedback for continuous improvement