Sanskriti School and Sanskriti Global Preschools have been on a tremendous growth path in the last few years. So, an opportunity to understand how they work and a chance to interact with all the stakeholders was eagerly lapped up by Team KidEngage. And have we come back impressed! The futuristic vision and focus on life skills is something so very evident, right from their curriculum, to how the learning extends at home with their support.

The team

And they have their leadership team to thank for it. Ms Revathi Raju has a rich experience of teaching discipline, modern schooling paradigm and has been instrumental in putting together a thoroughly-researched and meticulously designed nursery education model. Ms Yamini Raju looks after the operations and administration, and the two together make a formidable team.

Learning – Inside Out

Sanskriti’s strength lies in imparting education that is value-based and outcome-driven. To this end, there is a deep understanding and shared responsibility among staff, parents and the leadership about the development of child. Each of the stakeholders in the child’s development delivers in the most effective manner, while also lending support to the other two.

For example, the mobile learning modules help the parents continue the education at home in seamless continuation of the activities at school. They serve nutritious meals at school for the children that promote health and stimulate learning. The food being taken care of also helps ease out the parents’ burden. A stress-free and happy parent is a better parent. And the fact that the children are taken care of equally well once they graduate from the preschool in the Sanskriti School is also a definite plus for most of the parents, said Shilpa, a parent.

The Happy Teachers

Another Sanskriti belief in the right place is their priority in investing in their teachers. Their philosophy is to empower teachers so that they give their best in the classrooms. And it showed in our interaction with the teachers. “Every day when I come to school in the morning, my first thought is how am I going to make something interesting for the children in my class. And the guidance from my coordinator, the teaching resources and my colleagues helps me to make sure that each child is happy”, beams a happy Sunitha, a teacher. Kathyayani is all praises for the ambience “the exhaustive training, the support and encouragement by the administration and the beautiful environment at the school inspire me to deliver my best”. “The friendly environment and the hygienic food served to the students as well as the teachers are too good”, says Subhashini, another happy teacher.

It’s no wonder then, that Sanskriti School and Sanskriti Global Preschools have a clutch of awards. They are the recipients of the best Education Business of the Year award by Franchise India, and were awarded as one of the Top 10 preschools in South India by SCI in 2017. The Times of India declared them as one of the Top 3 preschools in the Tech city, and quite deservedly so. Talking to the leadership, teachers and parents has convinced us that they are doing the job of getting the next generation quite right team.

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