1) Which age group of children does Sanskriti Global Pre-School cater to?

Sanskriti caters to toddlers between 1.5 yrs and 5.5 yrs with four levels of programs.

i) Playgroup –Age group (1.5 yrs to 2.5 yrs)
ii) Nursery – Age group (2. Yrs to 3.5 yrs)
iii) Junior KG – Age group (3.6 yrs to 4.5 yrs)
iv) Senior KG – Age group (4.6 to 5.5 yrs)


2) Who are the promoters and what are their backgrounds?

Mrs. Revati Raju, Founder and Chairperson with extensive experience spanning 15 years in teaching and administration.


3) What are your target markets?

SANSKRITI envisions a pan-India presence in the long-term. However, the priority markets in next two years are Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.


4) Who are your target customers?

Parents from middle income and low income group having children within the age group of 1.5 yrs to 5.5 yrs.


5) How is Sanskriti Global pre-School different from other pre-schools?

Although there are no direct competitors to Sanskriti due to its innovative offering, one may compare SANSKRITI as competition in-terms of fee structure. SANSKRITI initiated various activities for the first time in Indian pre-school education system. It offers m-SANSKRITI (mobile learning) - an innovative initiative based on in-depth research. SANSKRITI provides a smartphone device with preloaded educational applications to child (COCO – Child owned and Child operated) to promote limitless self-learning, personalized education and also empower parents to involve effectively. This is a completely new initiative in the market. Secondly, the International curriculum which was hitherto a distant dream for people from low/middle income group is now a reality. SANSKRITI’s curriculum esp. Literacy and numeracy are developed based on learning outcomes of Singapore early years program (SEYP). Thirdly, SANSKRITI’s proprietary pedagogy - “IMAGO” enhances learning outcomes.
Besides this, the ‘longer duration’, integration of OGP (Overall growth plan) to stimulate 8 intelligences and achieve holistic development, Edu Nutro meal (one time nutritious meal), and eSANSKRITI (comprehensive ERP system) are other highlights.


6) What are your expansion plans?

2016 - 50 centres | 2017 - 100 centres | 2018 - 200 centres


7) How are you planning to expand?

SANKSRITI’s is planning to expand majorly through the franchise route with a ‘low investment and high return’ business model that provides a ready-to-start entrepreneurship tool kit for franchise owners.


8) What is the business investment if someone wants to start your preschool?

The investment differs from location to location. However, the initial investment is approximately Rs. 6 lacs which includes the one time Franchisee fee and one time franchise kit fee. The franchise kit includes all necessary teaching and class room resources, indoor and outdoor equipment’s, class room furniture and fixtures. The franchisee may incur additional expenditure locally on painting, electricals and other minor civil works depending upon the readiness of the property. Franchise can achieve operational break-even with 38 students in year 1 itself and can recover his capex maximum in 3rd year (conservative approach). A royalty of 10% is applicable on tuition fees.


9) Is the investment criteria uniform across location in India?

Investment and fee structure are location-specific as the cost of living, rentals, etc. differ from area to area. For example, in a semi-urban market where the rentals are between 10,000 to 12,000, the investments are also low (approx. 5.25 lacs).


10) What are the requirements in terms of area and location?

A minimum of 2000+ square feet built-up area with minimum 4 rooms and one hall, preferably ground floor or Ground + first floor. In terms of location, we need the property to be in densely populated residential area, ideally, an independent house not close (< 500 mtrs) to any hazardous installations and insecure locales such as petrol pumps, liquor shops, grave yards, etc.


11) How much time would it take to setup a pre-school?

It depends largely upon the readiness of the property. If the property is a readymade house and in good condition (not much of civil work) then it won’t take more than 30 days.


12) What is the support system that you would provide to a franchisee?

From the start – we provide complete guidelines in terms of infrastructure set-up and readiness, staff recruitment, ongoing enrolment support in terms of marketing plan and execution, adequate training and audit for teacher and quality compliance. We also provide continuous support through curriculum upgradation, refresher training, and necessary assessments for children and staff, besides rewards and recognition.


13) Are you open to existing preschools opting for your franchise? If yes, is there a discount available for them?

Yes. There is a discount of upto 50% we provide on franchisee fees depending upon the various factors such as no. of enrolled students, location, etc. Similarly for franchise kit, we conduct an audit on available resources and accordingly arrive at the cost.


14) There are already too many preschools in Hyderabad? Do you still think there is enough demand for more pre-schools?

Telangana and Andhra Pradesh together have 86+ lakh children in the age group of 0 to 6 years and we have only 1000+ pre-schools in the market. Moreover, in the income group that SANSKRITI is targeting, there are very few branded players. So SANSKRITI Global pre-school aims to bridge this supply vs demand gap. Also, there is a strong divide between high and low income groups while International curriculum has become a distant dream for people in middle/low income. If SANSKRITI can bridge this divide and offer international curriculum at an affordable fee, parents are bound to benefit from it.


15) What is your pedagogy and how is it superior to others?

SANSKRITI Global Pre-school has developed a proprietary pedagogy called “IMAGO”. It is patented and its copy rights rest with SANSKRITI. “IMAGO” is a trans-disciplinary and integrated theme based pedagogy which delivers international standard curriculum through various resources. Its delivery resources include mSANSKRITI (mobile learning) platform, eSANSKRITI (Comprehensive ERP system) platform, Detailed Lesson plans (Ready-made tools for teachers), Class room and student resources (teaching aides, equipment’s and work books) and Infrastructure facilities (Splash pool, Sand pit and gardening). The pedagogy is developed based on intensive research in the early childhood education and are developed by number of ECCE qualified resources led by Mrs. Revati Raju. “IMAGO” aims at the learning outcomes of EYFS (Early years foundation stage, UK), and SEYP (Singapore early years program). Currently no pedagogy is available in this domain that has some of the major features such as international standard curriculum and mobile platform for delivery.


16) What is the USP of Sanskriti Pre-school?

Personalized education (1:1 ratio) and limitless self-learning with the support of mSANSKRITI is first of its kind initiative by SANSKRITI Global pre-school which no other school has done so far. Similarly, an affordable International standard curriculum for low/middle income segment is again first of its initiative by SANSKRITI Global preschool.


17) Can you elaborate more on m-Sanskriti?

Research indicate that mobile device usage by children is growing at an unprecedented speed. The ubiquity, intuitiveness and ease of use of mobile devices and applications potentially present new and exciting opportunities for childhood learning. SANSKRITI brings an evidence based approach, modelled on educational value and appropriateness of mobile content to provide:
• Children with a fun, engaging and age appropriate learning and user experience, and
• Parents and educators with the assurance that the child is gaining learning and educational benefits from regular interaction with evaluated mobile media content and applications. It provides a fabulous opportunity for parents to work with their children at home using mLearning devices to enhance their children’s literacy and numeracy skills creatively.


18) What is eSanskriti?

eSANSKRITI is a comprehensive and cloud based ERP system that intra-links all stakeholders in the ecosystem. It helps smoother functioning of all departments by bringing the entire process on the centralized system. It primarily helps manage, monitor and control academic delivery, facilitates ease of administrative functions, child specific assessments, ease of communication besides scalability.


19) What are your future plans?

We are planning to touch 1 million children lives in next 5 years. To do this we will open 500+ preschools across India in next 5 years through franchise model.


20) Is there a continuity plan for children who pass out from Sanskriti Pre-school?

Yes. We will be launching SANSKRITI K-12 schools in the same market where it operates SGS, probably in the 3rd year (2018-2019) of operation.


21) Is your pre-school going to implement RTE?

We are committed to provide access to affordable quality education. We want all our franchisees also to follow the same principle. We have made implementation of RTE as one of our vital service with our Franchisees. Also SANSKRITI will take care of all pre-school expenses (provide free education) of one child at least from each centre.


22) Are your pre-schools registered under State government department of education?

We will be doing it over a period of two years. This is purely because of the time constraint. By 2018, we will ensure that all our centres are registered under the respective state departments of education. Irrespective of such registration, we are making three things mandatory from day one for all our franchisees
1) Structure stability certificate
2) Health & Hygiene certificate and
3) Fire & safety certificate.


23) What about your idea of promoting Women entrepreneurship? Are there any special benefits for women?

They are the first teachers. Mother plays a critical role in child’s development. They have inherent traits in managing and developing a child. They are good at multi-tasking. We wish to use this a platform to promote employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for women.


24) How do you ensure quality when your brand is managed by franchisees?

All our franchisees and their respective parents are connected through eSANSKRITI and mSANSKRITI. Similarly, as per SGS’s strong code of conduct there will be adequate visits from our Head office to handhold and ensure compliance. Moreover, there are strong termination clauses mentioned in the agreement that comes into force if in case there is any violation on compliance.


25) Is Sanskriti Pre-school education a value for money for parents? If yes, how?

Yes. It is very much a value for money offering with international curriculum at an affordable rate. The school also provides a smartphone to each child, with other advantages including longer duration hours (4 to 6 hrs), Edu-Nutro meal and OGP.


26) Why should a parent come to Sanskriti?

As mentioned earlier, this is a great opportunity for people from low/middle income groups who cannot afford but seek an international standard curriculum so that their children compete on par with other children.


27) How do you ensure food quality in franchise centres?

All menus are designed centrally. Adequate coordination between HO and franchisee on day to day basis takes place to ensure quality standards. Also it has flexible menus that enables the local franchisees to manage and ensure quality is sustained.


28) How do you know that a franchise is following all the processes?

Adequate visits by our people, compliance record in the form of assessment of a centre done and maintained in the eSANSKRITI. Also, there are enough reward and recognition programs to motivate the franchisees to bring them to high standards.


29) How is safety and security maintained at your centres?

All our franchisees would comply with Fire & safety, Health & Hygiene, and Structure stability norms. Similarly, SGS provides complete infra guidelines which includes safety and security measures within the premise. SGS also trains teachers as well as ancillary staffs to take care of safety and security of the child.


30) What is the name of the mobile brand?

We have associated with Vega Entertainment which will provide technical support in terms of both content and instrument.


31) What happens if the child loses the cell phone?

They will have to pay for it to get another one. In case there are technical issue, then our technical partner will address it.


32) Are the cell phones insured?

It is insured and our technical partner will take care of all these necessary things.


33) How are you going to use mobile technology in certain location where there is no or low internet connectivity?

Usually all downloads and uploads happens at the centre and the device is given back to child to use it at phone. Most of our apps are capable of working offline. Hence the child doesn’t need an internet connection at home. Similarly, in case there is a concern in certain centres, then we would explore server options.


34) Why would a person take Sanskriti franchisee when there are many brands available?

Low investment and high return. There are no or few competitors are in the territory where SGS is going to operate. SGS offers unmatched value proposition. There are many revolutionary initiatives that would give an obvious advantage to our franchisees.


35) What if a franchise wants to discontinue?

We always believe in long-term relations and try to ensure that we retain all our franchisees. However, on rare occasions where it is imminent, then we would expect our franchisee to serve 3 months’ notice to HO and then proceed for termination. In all cases, the termination is possible only at the end of academic session and not during the session.