Sanskriti Global Pre-School endeavours to transform the pre-primary education landscape with its unique schooling paradigm singularly focused on affording a life-changing experience for children in the formative years. The inspiring learning environment featuring a transdisciplinary curriculum, integrated learning resources, inventive pedagogy and the rich legacy of Sanskriti all combine to enable exceptional learning outcomes while giving children a decisive headstart as they embark on the important journey, taking little yet firm steps towards a bright future.

Sanskriti intends to proliferate this unique and dynamic pre-primary education paradigm by treading the franchisee route towards influencing the widest audience possible not just in the country but across the globe.


To ensure academic best practices and a wholesome learning experience by:

  • …imparting sound, value-based education rooted in the country’s tradition and culture
  • …shaping character by inculcating the virtues of honesty, sensitivity, humility, initiative, a sense of responsibility and self-confidence




Team work



Academic excellence


To be acknowledged and respected as a benchmark pre-primary chain and a shining beacon of knowledge devoted to enabling a life changing experience for children in their formative years.


To establish and proliferate in a calibrated and phased-manner, the largest chain of global-standard pre-primary education centres in India by innovating a distinctly superior, outcome-driven education paradigm.